Edward J. Peterson, II
President of The Josephine G. Cook Scholarship Foundation


You may wear the same suit that you wore to personal interview or change to an upscale interview suit (rhinestones or jeweled). This outfit will be used as competition wardrobe for the Top 10 On Stage Interviews.  All contestants should be prepared with this outfit. You will speak on your platform throughout your year as Mrs. California International.

About The Josephine G. Cook Scholarship Foundation

Optional Competitions  (But Suggested)

You will submit your photos on pageant weekend at check in. You may submit 2 color photos — 8" x 10" or 5" x 7" photos will be accepted. The winner will be chosen by the Official Pageant Photographer. The winner of the photogenic competition will receive an award. 
$50.00 Entry Fee.


You will submit an essay outlining your contributions to your platform. Your essay will be submitted electronically 2 weeks prior to the pageant. The winner will be announced during crowning.  A donation will be made to the Josephine G. Cooke Scholarship Foundation. The directors feel it's important to continue the

inspirational message and work of the foundation. 


Fitness Wear includes an expressive, lively symmetry of form, walking, standing and general movement. White tennis shoes are required with this outfit. Contestants have the choice to wear the one piece unitard or 2 piece fitness wear. Ordering Official International Pageants Fitness Wear is the responsibility of each delegate and can be purchased at

​​​​Mrs California International Rules and Regulations (as pertain to the rules of the International Organization)
The following are the Official Rules and Regulations of Mrs. California International Contestants must read and adhere to the following rules and regulations in order to participate in the

Mrs. California International program. To be eligible as a Contestant:

*Contestant must be at least 21 years of age by July 1st of competition year and no older than 56 years of age.
*Contestant must be married a minimum of 6 months by July 1st of competition year and must be residing with spouse. She must be of good health and moral character.
*Contestant must not have been convicted of a felony crime. She must be a naturally born female, married to a naturally born male.
*Contestant vying for a state title must be a U.S. Citizen or legal resident and a six month minimum resident in the state of her entry, work or attends college or own  property in that state. International contestant must have proof of citizenship of country she represents. Residency on a military establishment of the United States within the United States of America or in a foreign country is acceptable
*A Contestant could be selected to participate as a delegate "at large" if there is no competition in, state, region or country.
*Contestant will be subject to a registration fee and or a sponsor fee. Fees may vary for each state and or country. Furthermore Contestant may not be a “National” title holder with any other Pageant System, as of June 1st of competition year.
*Contestant must never have, nor will she during her reign, pose for any photography, video, or film associated with any nudity or pornography. Nor has she ever or is presently involved in any form of employment which involves partial or complete nudity.
*Contestant agrees all decisions of judges at the Local, State/National and International levels are final and irrevocable, and that she will abide by all regulations at the State/National and International competitions. Furthermore, any Contestant and or family member or guest, showing less than sportsman like behavior at the Pageant will lead to disqualification of the Contestant with no refund under these circumstances.
*Contestant will permit Mrs. International and their licensees the right to use contestant's photograph for publicity purposes in connection with all Mrs. International competitions.
*Contestant will permit Mrs. International and their licensees to televise live or by the use of film, video or other media, any portion or all of the competition.
*Contestant, if selected, agrees to attend the International Competition as the State or Country Representative and abide by all rules and regulations required by same or forfeit title. If Contestant relinquishes, for any reason, any title given her, all prizes must be returned in full, and in condition received.

Contestant further understands that if selected a winner in her competition, that for one year her professional affairs as said winner will be under the sole management of Mrs. International and/or its licensees and that she will not give any written or oral endorsements without the express written permission of same. Contestant acknowledges that all rights for any appearances, endorsements, speaking engagements, acting roles, etc. resulting from winning or being a contestant in any regional, state or international competition affiliated with Mrs. International shall belong exclusively to same. I agree to all the rules and regulations stated on the application:

These Rules and Regulations are subject to modification, as needed, without prior notice. Mrs International Pageant reserves the right to make said modifications at its sole discretion and Contestant’s continued participation in the Local, State/National or International Pageant shall be deemed her acceptance of such modifications. 

To help women achieve their maximum potential through continued higher education. To encourage the involvement toward charitable organizations and humanitarian causes that will benefit the lives of all Californians. Josephine G. Cook was born on March 7th, 1924. In her life she made many contributions to women in the field of education. She graciously taught the value of being self-sufficient, respect, the importance of having a deep faith and a burning desire to never give up, no matter how high the mountain is to climb. Once completing her bachelor’s degree in education (partially funded by competing in scholarship pageants) she began her career in teaching cosmetology/hairstyling to African American women. Enhancing the self-image and the external look of minority women was a field that was scarce in her day. Josephine was a pioneer starting the first Afro American beauty shop in El Paso, Texas. She employed women so they could finance their dreams and endeavors. Ms. Cook received many honors and awards, but one of her greatest achievements was to marry Edward J. Peterson, a Chief Warrant Officer in the United States Army. Edward and Josephine were married 37 years and by each other’s side through his 21 years of military service. One of their greatest achievements as a married couple was raising their son, Edward J. Peterson, II. It is an honor to name this Scholarship Foundation after my mother, Josephine G. Cook, who has been an influence in my life! Her amazing personal call to excellence helped pave the way for
women to be more than they could have ever imagined. She has been my strength by her words of wisdom and making education so important in my life. I went on to receive two Master’s Degrees in counseling so that I could contribute to the world like she did. Sadly, Josephine G. Cook-Peterson passed away on July 20, 1999. She left behind many people that benefitted from her journey through this life. Josephine did indeed leave this world a better place than when she entered it! The California International Pageants are annual fundraisers to help raise funds to defray the cost of higher education for young women. We hope that the many scholarship recipients will enrich lives through the power of education. In addition, to be outstanding and positive role models in their sphere of influence.

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Judging Guidelines

50% Interview (scored 1 to 15 points) 
(Preliminary Platform Presentation; scored 1 to 5 points)
25% Fitness Wear (scored 1 to 10 points)
25% Evening Gown (scored 1 to 10 points)

High and low scores are dropped in each category (Preliminary & Finals). Personal Interviews are 5 minutes with each judge, one on one. No political or religious questions allowed unless you bring the subject up yourself. Finals Night (Top 10 only) All Preliminary Scores are cleared. On Stage Interview Question will account for 50% of Interview Score.  You will be asked a to speak about your individual platform, then answer a random question, pulled on stage.  Each contestant will have exactly 30 seconds to answer the question. A (1) point deduction will be taken for every second you go over the 30 seconds allowed.

About the Pageant / Guidelines



You will meet with the official panel of judges for a one on one 5 minute interview.  A professional business suit is the attire for the Interview competition. You are interviewing for the job as a California International titleholder. You are not going to a cocktail party; therefore, your look should be fresh for daytime, contemporary, stylized and age appropriate.  Your make-up should be light and your hairstyle should be cutting edge and age appropriate for today. Your jewelry should be kept to a minimum. Panty hose are optional Type your paragraph here.


A floor length evening gown of your own style and color should be worn. Judges will be instructed to look for sense of style, confidence, stage presence and carriage, how she wears the gown and not the gown itself, poise and grace.  Your evening gown should be age appropriate. This is the face and grace portion of our pageant.